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About The Procedure

Procedure Overview
Patients who have not responded to extensive, conservative pain care regimens can be recommended for a discogram or discography. This diagnostic injection procedure can help determine the cause and location of a patient’s lower back, groin, or hip pain. The purpose of this diagnostic technique is generally used to evaluate whether interventional pain therapies or minimally invasive spine surgeries could be used to treat the patient’s pain condition.

The procedure is performed under fluoroscopic (x-ray imaging) guidance. Once the area has been sterilized, the physician will administer a local anesthesia into tissues surrounding the damaged discs to minimize patient discomfort. During the procedure, the physician will ask the patient specific questions to gauge their pain levels and overall discomfort. Images will also be taken of the spinal discs using fluoroscopy.

Pre-procedure Care
Under the direction of the prescribing physician, you will be required to stop any blood thinners and/or anti-inflammatories prior to the procedure. You may also be asked to fast a minimum of 4 hours before your scheduled procedure time. Please shower and maintain good hygiene directly before and after the procedure to reduce chances of an infection developing.

  • Plavix: Stop 7 days prior – Restart 24 hours after

  • Aspirin: Stop 6 Days prior - Restart 24 hours after

  • NSAID’s: Stop 2 days prior – Restart 24 hours after

  • Eliquis: Stop 3 days prior – Restart 24 hours after

Post-procedure Care
This procedure typically takes less than an hour to perform, and patients can return home after having their vital signs monitored and are cleared of any immediate adverse reactions. Patients can expect to experience mild soreness at the injection site which should subside within a few days. Applying an ice pack for several minutes a day will help to ease swelling around the injection site(s). Patients can also take over the counter pain killers to help with any additional pain. Patients should report any abnormal increase in pain, fever, and any sign of an infection to Nexus Pain Care immediately. After the procedure, a physician may recommend follow-up treatments based on observations of the diagnostic imaging. 

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