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About The Procedure

Procedure Overview
A facet joint is a small, bony protrusion located in between and behind adjacent vertebrae. These joints are responsible for stabilizing the spine and encourage movement, such as bending and twisting. When these facet joints become damaged it can cause pain and lead to conditions such as facet joint syndrome and spinal arthritis A diagnostic and treatment procedure known as a facet joint injection can be preformed by your Nexus physician. A local anesthetic and steroid medication are injected into the damaged joints to relieve pain.

Pre-procedure Care
Under the direction of the prescribing physician, you will be required to stop any blood thinners and/or anti-inflammatories prior to the procedure. You may also be asked to fast a minimum of 4 hours before your scheduled procedure time. Please shower and maintain good hygiene directly before and after the procedure to reduce chances of an infection developing.

  • Plavix: Stop 7 days prior – Restart 24 hours after

  • Aspirin: Stop 6 Days prior - Restart 24 hours after

  • NSAID’s: Stop 2 days prior – Restart 24 hours after

  • Eliquis: Stop 3 days prior – Restart 24 hours after

Post-procedure Care
Mild sedation is available and patients will be required to arrange for transportation home following the procedure. Patients will typically begin noticing pain relief about one to two days after the procedure. The side effects of this procedure may include nerve damage, infection, bleeding, water retention, or temporary weight gain. Patients should call their Nexus physician immediately if any of these complications occur.

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