nexus pain care utah ketamine infusion treatment

About The Procedure

Procedure Overview
Ketamine infusions are a great option for chronic pain suffers who are either looking for an alternative to opioids or who no longer get relief with their current medication regimen. It is also an effective treatment for Refractory Depression and can help when traditional SSRI medications do not work or the patient no longer wants to live with the side effects of said medication (like weight gain, decreased libido, and brain fogginess). Ketamine woks by resetting the NMDA receptors that become less responsive over time with use of narcotics. Ketamine infusions only take about 1.5 hours and can be repeated weekly.

Pre-procedure Care
Under the direction of your Nexus provider and primary doctor, you will be required to stop any blood thinners and/or anti-inflammatories 72 hours prior to the procedure. You may also be asked to fast beginning a minimum of 4 hours before your scheduled procedure time. Please shower and maintain good hygiene directly before and after the procedure to reduce chances of an infection developing.

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